Jaw5 Music and Video

Aug 30

Introbot by Jawz5 & Michael Horn
Two hours of a sunset time lapsed into two minutes. Music & video by Jawz5 & Michael Horn.

Aug 29

Jawz5 & Michael Horn →

Original music which covers an array of genres.

May 19

Music and Video by Jawz5 & Michael Horn. Original music by Jawz5 w/dialogue samples from Night of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead. Video footage rise to capture the feel of the original Zombie classics

May 14

Music and video by Jawz5 & Michael Horn. Video is actually time lapsed photos in 1 sec intervals.

Apr 24

"Night of the Light Headed Zombie" by Jawz 5 & Michael Horn (by Mikool1313)

Feb 08

Jawz5- Independent Musician